SEND us the rent payment information.

• We FORMAT & SUBMIT the information to the Credit Bureau.

• Your Tradeline APPEARS on your Tenant's Credit Report within 48 hours.


Property Management

More than 84% respondents said they would report resident's rent payment to a credit bureau if it would attract more renters who pay on time.

Attract A Higher
Quality Tenant

Prospective tenants looking for a property with rental reporting are most likely looking to reward themselves for paying their rent on time.

Stand Out Amongst

Only 1% of credit files include information about rent payments. Stand out by offering something your competitors don't.

Reduce Turnover/
Increase Tenant Retention

Tenants are less likely to leave when they have a property management company who invests time and resources into their tenants. Help your tenants gain access to new opportunities like purchasing a new car or reducing their interest expenses.

Improve On-time
Payment Collection

Incentivize on-time rent payments by rewarding tenants paying their rent in a timely manner.

ACH Free

Using our rent collection platform, rPay we will opt you out of any ACH Convenience Fee charges.

Add A New Revenue Stream

Opting your clients into a monthly service program will allow you to charge an additional credit reporting management fee on a monthly basis.


Pay your rent on time? Build your credit by doing something you already do. After reporting rent payments to a credit bureau, 100% of residents who were unscorable at the time of application became scorable.

Reward Yourself

Get rewarded by doing something you already do on a monthly basis. Pay your rent. Build your credit. Open yourself up to new lines of credit, reduce interest rates and buy a new car.

Build Your Credit

Make a rent payment on time and we will report it back to the Credit Bureau. Your Credit Score can improve almost immediately.

Pay Your Rent Convenience Fee Free

Make your rent payment online, on-time, with our rent payment platform, rPay. Enroll in our program. Pay your rent online. Make a payment convenience fee free by paying with ACH while boosting your credit score.


Enroll in our program automatically by contacting your property management team.


BoostRscore is a rent reporting product powered by rPay and affiliated with Real ID. Real ID is a background screening company that has evolved into an end-to-end service, from screening and applicant, facilitating rent payments, and reporting back to the credit bureau for on-time rent payments.


BoostRscore has the ability of reporting rent payments and monitoring skip tracing. Make a rent payment regardless of payment method and get rewarded. We have three packages:







Discover the Impact

Transunion ran a study on 1,330 current renters in the United States. Findings:

  • 70% On-Time Payments

  • 67% of Renters

  • 26 Basis Points

  • 100% of Residents

  • 82% of Management Companies

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